27 March 2023

Book On Da Spalla, How Violinists Can Find Their Unique Voice & Open New Career Opportunities In 14 Days.

While much of the world's attention is focused on war and the ongoing energy crisis, I would like to invite you - violinist, violist or string teacher - to unite around music and culture. This is why I wrote my latest book, "Da Spalla: How Violinists Can Find Their Unique Voice & Open New Career Opportunities in 14 Days."

It pays tribute to the rebirth of the violoncello da spalla, a small bass violin resembling both a cello and a viola and played by violinists. Drawing on my 20 years of experience in crafting this unique instrument and reviving a lost page in the history of classical music, I have created a must-read for any violinist, violist, or string teacher at a conservatoire or academy of music who wants to expand their horizons and unlock new career opportunities.

The violoncello da spalla is a fascinating instrument with a rich history. A prototype of the modern cello, it dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries and was simply called a violoncello by important cello composers of the time, including J.S. Bach, who used it extensively in his works. Although the instrument gradually went out of professional use by the second half of the 18th century, the book's website lists dozens of composers who created over two thousand works in which violoncello da spalla may have been used.

The book, "Da Spalla: How Violinists Can Find Their Unique Voice & Open New Career Opportunities in 14 Days," tells the story of the research and reconstruction of the violoncello da spalla, which began in Brussels in 2003 at the request of a Baroque orchestra director. The book is rich in stories that engage the reader on a deep, emotional level, making them participants and witnesses to how this instrument was brought back to life, with all the challenges, pitfalls, and victories.

"Fascinating instrument and a great story of its rebirth. Get this book! It's a rosin for the soul.” ~ Sergey Malov, multi-instrumentalist, violoncellist da spalla, conductor

Sergey Malov's words are reminiscent of musicians such as Felix Mendelssohn and Pablo Casals, who revived the general audience's interest in J.S. Bach's music. Today, violinists and violists are reviving a lost musical tradition, enriching lives, and connecting people through culture. The book demonstrates how professional violinists, string teachers at conservatories or academies of music, and even amateur musicians have enough technique to learn this instrument in under 14 days. Therefore, the violoncello da spalla offers exciting new career opportunities for musicians, including those without a privileged upbringing.

In 2023, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the revival of this lost musical tradition. Today, virtuoso violoncellists da spalla such as Sergey Malov, conductor, violoncellist da spalla, and baroque violin specialist Ryo Terakado, conductor and violist Artie Dibble, Bach scholar Dr. Koji Otsuki, and Dr. Madeleine Darmiento, Professor of Strings and Artist/Teacher of Violin & Viola at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, play the instrument. Additionally, award-winning composer and filmmaker Bryan Senti believes that with its renewed popularity, the violoncello da spalla is poised for a comeback in the film and TV music scene.

The book, "Da Spalla: How Violinists Can Find Their Unique Voice & Open New Career Opportunities in 14 Days," is a vivid account of 20 years of experience in making and playing the violoncello da spalla.


About the author: 

Dmitry Badiarov, an award-winning author, luthier, and accomplished violinist and violoncellist da spalla, has defied the odds. Despite a humble background, he has made a name for himself as a member of various Early Music groups in Europe and Asia. He is the founder of Badiarov Violins and Elite Luthiers Academy, and he specializes in creating exceptional baroque violins and violoncellos da spalla for world-class musicians. With his book on Fine Violin Making, he shares his expertise with aspiring luthiers and musicians alike. Dmitry is not only a speaker but also a former professional baroque violinist and violoncellist da spalla. He helps artists and luthiers achieve success by combining centuries of cultural tradition, their unique message, and cutting-edge modern business strategies. He lives in The Hague, The Netherlands, with his wife and enjoys sailing with his sons. 

For more information contact me via my website https://BookOnDaSpalla.com

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