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8 September 2012

PRESS-RELEASE: Badiarov Violins exhibits at Mondomusica, Cremona

Dmitry Badiarov,
Doornstraat 154, 2584AN The Hague, 
The Netherlands.
Tel +31 6 1125 7695 


Badiarov Violins exhibits at Mondomusica, Cremona

September 8, 2012, The Hague -- The Hague based violin-making studio Badiarov Violins will participate at Mondomusica, world’s finest exhibition for concert quality violins in Cremona. Exhibition will start on September 28, and last till September 30. 

Badiarov Violins will present two modern violins and what still is at large a novelty: a viola da spalla or shoulder-held cello also known as violoncello da spalla. It has been re-constructed by Dmitry Badiarov, the founder of Badiarov Violins, in 2004 and brought back to the concert stage by european and international soloists such as Sigiswald Kuijken and Ryo Terakado. Since 2011 it has also been played by Sergey Malov, a musician combining in his repertoire baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary music as well as jazz, and who is an equally prolific soloist on several instruments - baroque and modern violins, viola and the violoncello da spalla.

Dmitry Badiarov’s specialized violin-making studio produced over eighty instruments. Inspired by the classical examples of the finest violin-making, by other arts and music Dmitry Badiarov puts an accent on uniqueness and spontaneous creativity. All of his instruments are “designer’s” instruments. They are designed by Dmitry Badiarov following, or breaking esthetic rules developed in the 17th-18th century.  

Dmitry Badiarov started violin making at the age of 11 and debuted as a professional violin-maker in St.Petersburg in 1992. Currently he lives in The Netherlands dedicating all his time to making high-end concert quality violins - both modern and baroque. More on his website 


For further information and eventual graphics contact Badiarov Violins: Phone +31 6 1125 7695, Email or FaceBook: 

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