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11 September 2012

An interesting violoncello da spalla at Mondomusica Cremona.

J.G.Walther, J.S.Bach's friend, wrote in 1708 that violoncello was an Italian instrument. It was born in Italy in the 2nd half of the 17th century and it was conceived as a virtuoso bass instrument which could rival the violin. It was made in a variety of sizes and played by anyone who loved its deep sound: gambists, violonists, violinists, violists. Naturally, the latter would hold it across the chest, like the big tenor violas, rather than da gamba which requires a completely different playing technique.

L.Mozart in 1756 wrote, "nowadays violoncello is also played between the legs". Gradually the large cello played da gamba prevailed and its smaller counterpart played mostly by violinists, like J.S.Bach, A.Caldara, G.M.Bononcini disappeared until 2004 when I was lucky to have been summoned to re-construct what the Italians in the 17th century conceived. A few remarkable soloists made the discovery known.

With several world-premiere CDs recorded on this instrument, including the award winning recordings of the Six Suites for Violoncello solo and Cantatas with violoncello obbligato by J.S.Bach, this instrument has played its role in the cello history being its turning point. It will soon be the ex-Badiarov.

It will be exhibited at Mondomusica, Cremona, on the 28-30 September 2012. Exhibition booth no. 144, Badiarov Violins.

More info on this event at:
1. Mondomusica website.
2. An FB event. Feel free to join, and do not forget to request free invitations if you happen to visit Mondomusica this year.
3. The most recent recital on a similar instrument from my studio, by Sergey Malov.

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