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10 February 2012

The February 2012 modern violin

Inspired by the beauty of music and by the nature of wood, 
I just tried to interfere as little as I possibly could.  

8 February 2012

How to make a violoncello da spalla.

This article is my response to the frequent question from music lovers and violin- makers regarding the story behind the fascinating story of violoncello da spalla. It describes how I reconstructed the violoncello da spalla and demonstrates the essential steps which would be needed in any similar endeavour.

So, how to make a violoncello da spalla or, indeed, how to re-create any other musical instrument - not only stringed - towards which history has been unjustly forgetful?

5 February 2012

A.Stradivari violin from USSR state collection. View inside. Rare!

Admittedly, this violin sounds like nothing on earth.

When prof. Marco Tiella sent me this picture and I saw, in 1997, what condition it was in - a recurring thought came back - all of these antique violins have something in common. I can hardly imagine any newly built violin wrecked like that and still sounding well.

Probably the myth