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8 January 2012

Badiarov Violins' Database of Violin Iconography again on-line

Dmitry Badiarov's Database of Violin Iconography is again on-line as of today, the 7th of January.

Launched in 1995, when I was a student of baroque violin at Brussels Royal Conservatory under Sigiswald Kuijken, this Database was first made on A3 sheets of paper, and later, in 2001, transformed into an on-line research tool.

Partly written by myself in PHP and MySQL it was working like a swiss watch for about five years till the moment both PHP and MySQL were upgraded : the time by which I completely forgot the code and was unable to upgrade it on my own neither did I have the time for it.

By popular demand to make it available again and believing it completely impossible to share the code and the database containing nearly two thousands of users' details I got instructed by a programmist friend on how to de-bug the out-dated code. Surprisingly, it did not take me much time to make it fully operational again.

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