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27 January 2012

Pictures of violin-making

Photography - φῶς (photos) "light", γραφή (graphé) "drawing" - drawing with light. For me photography is “keeping the light in order to share”.

This light was captured between 2008 and 2011 in Tokyo, Mexico and The Hague : various steps in making instruments at my violin-making studio.

Recently I had the twelve prints matted and framed. Now they are hanging on the walls of my violin-making studio in The Hague.

23 January 2012







"フィクションは、愉しまれるためには、見る者の眼に適う真実のようでなければならず、寓話は読む者の信頼を試しすぎてはならない” -- Horace, The Art of Poetry

画像は2台目となるグロテスク・スタイルのはめ込み細工装飾付きヴァイオリン No. 71です。ついに完成し、すでに弾き込まれています。
 ピゼンデル:ヴァイオリン協奏曲 他
  ソリスト 三原朋絵
  指揮 ペーター・ファン・ヘイヘン


22 January 2012

Fictions, Fables, and Violins...

"Fictions, to please, like truths must meet the eye,
Nor must the Fable tax our faith too high"
-- Horace, The Art of Poetry

This is my second violin adorned with inlayed grotesque patterns. No. 71. It is just born and being played in. You might hear it in a 
concert on the 27th of January, 2012, 20:15, at Dorpskerk in Voorschoten, The Netherlands. Violin concerto by Pisendel, performed by Tomoe Mihara and the baroque orchestra of The Hague Royal Conservatoire, conducted by Peter Van Heyghen. 

The carved patterns may not add to or take anything from the sound, however

15 January 2012

Why the Badiarov violin bridges are always black. What is bridge?

In the late 90th I was studying violin design and then I happened to come across with a few designs of a lute which contained a vesica piscis (see below).

9 January 2012

The Best Team Ever: Success of the Action to Protect European String-Making Tradition

Last year you have probably been watching closely on the developments in the field of european baroque string-making. The trouble had been caused by certain laws and important string-making companies ceasing production of such strings.

For this reason even I had no choice but play in December a concert on violoncello da spalla strung with three steel strings though I did ask a few string-makers in August to provide gut-strings for it. Helas, strings have never been supplied.

8 January 2012

Badiarov Violins' Database of Violin Iconography again on-line

Dmitry Badiarov's Database of Violin Iconography is again on-line as of today, the 7th of January.

Launched in 1995, when I was a student of baroque violin at Brussels Royal Conservatory under Sigiswald Kuijken, this Database was first made on A3 sheets of paper, and later, in 2001, transformed into an on-line research tool.