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10 December 2011

Farewell to the violin's remarkable anniversaries

modern violin by
Dmitry Badiarov, 2011

In retrospective, recalling the events of 2006. The first mentioning of the violin with the modern tuning is that of Jambe de Fer, 1556 (Epitome musical...). Remarkable, isn't it?

3-stringed violins, or viole da braccio, existed before and after, and even mentioned in Cerone a few years after Monteverdi's Orfeo - the first fully fledged
baroque opera.

2006 was violin's 450 anniversary. Sorts of remarkable date in the history of sorts of a remarkable instrument. Surprised no one noticed.

Violin Festivals could roll around the globe for at least a year... Let's see what shall happen for the 500 anniversary. It might be better, but...

Let's see what happened this year - the year 2011.

In December 1511 Isabella d'Este commissioned the first set of viole da braccio - not exactly violins but certainly its predecessors. Her example was soon followed by most courts across Europe.

Violin bands quickly spread into Europe's remotest corner, as well as dance consort music commonly performed with violins.

Thus, 1511 was another remarkable year in the history of the violin, wasn't it? 500 years... and another date internationally but unintentionally missed...

In conclusion,

Let's say a happy farewell to the passing year 2011 and ponder a little about the significance of that tiny wooden box called the violin. It is ample enough to hold really a lot. Let us celebrate its future important years. There are really many.