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20 October 2011

VIDEO: Setting the sound-post into the new violin

Rainy day, birds singing in the park outside the studio, no apprentice in the studio today and only a few clients visited during the day. 

Strung this brand new "modern" violin (no.74) with gut strings  "Tricolore" g and d', and synthetic and metal "Evah" a' and e''. It sounds well, however my varnish - although it is only one very thin layer - takes about a year to dry. The instrument can be used immediately - for example, Ryo Terakado used one of his two Badiarov violins, the brand new then a violin with the grotesque ornament in one of his recordings, however the sound will ripen gradually, as the varnish gets drier and the instrument get's played-in. 

I will certainly play it in for a few days from now on and make the necessary adjustments, if any. 
It is almost always rainy or stormy when I string a new violin. Feels like the last days of autumn, soon - no birds singing till the spring.

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