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26 August 2011

Violin-making: copying VS making originals

This article describes the two existing today general methods of making violins, compares the two and addresses the issues.
The two methods are: 1. Making copies. 2. Making originals.

You have certainly heard expressions such as "made after a Stradivari model", "copy of a Stradivari violin", "copy of a Guarneri",

10 August 2011

Violoncello da spalla for Sergey Malov

THE HAGUE -- August 10, 2011, I have carried out the last adjustments to the sound and setup of my 70th instrument - the 10th violoncello da spalla made for Sergey Malov - violinist, violist and now also a violoncellist da spalla. He will play this instrument at Nikkei's Muse Salon, International Mozart Competition Winners Concert 2011 in Japan on the 21st of September 2011. In the modern jargon,