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11 July 2011

Masaaki Suzuki and three cellists: Ryo Terakado, Dmitry Badiarov, Francois Fernandez.

This almost a vintage photo was taken several years ago in Tokyo during  the preparation for the five concerts and a recording session with Bach Collegium Japan. Program: J.S.Bach, Six Brandenburg Concertos.

BCJ's 1st version of the Concertos was recorded over a decade ago with the ordinary violoncellos. The 2nd version, the new version, has been recorded with violoncellos da spalla only a few years ago. Violoncello da spalla was the type of cello on which Bach was a skillful player. This is the type of cello which apparently Bach had in mind when - though extremely rare - he called for "violoncello" in his scores.

As the maker of these instruments I am very happy for BCJ and La Petite Bande both recording the  Brandenburg Concertos twice. The list of CDs with violoncellos da spalla and violins from my studio can be found on my updated website. Click.

Picture, from left to write: Masaaki Suzuki (conductor), Ryo Terakado (violinist, cellist), Dmitry Badiarov (luthier), Francois Fernanez (violinist, cellist).

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