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28 June 2011

An antique article about very modern instrument: baroque violoncello on the shoulder

This article was written already a few years ago, after a few violoncellos da spalla were already on the hands of actively performing musicians: Sigiswald Kuijken, Ryo Terakado and Samantha Montgomery. Six months of library and museum research, as well as research into the strings conducted by Aquila Corde preceded the five weeks of actually making the first instrument for Sigiswald Kuijken. However that initial research had not been abandoned after the first instrument was completed and a few years later its results had been published by the Galpin Society. Players can get familiar with it from the article made readily available with the kind permission from the Editor of Galpin Society Journal.

Despite the fact it mainly focuses on the use of shoulder-held small violoncello in the works of J.S.Bach, its repertoire is not restricted to the works of Bach and indeed it has been recently used in the works by Vivaldi, Leo, Geminiani, Haendel, Gabrielli, Corelli and many other composers.

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