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17 May 2011

Badiarov Violins website hosted on a wind-powered server

It is nothing but a natural move. It is something, in my opinion, every owner of a website can do. Green energy - despite what the politicians and nuke/coal companies tell - become a tangible reality. It has been noted even by CNN: "Portugal shifted its electrical grid from 15% to 45% renewables in the space of just 5 years..." (cited from :

The moment I heard about from a friend I made my mind up and made my studio greener. I plan to move all of my domain names and websites to GGs.

There is no great reason to continue the use of nuke-powered hosting for publicising a violin-making atelier, so why not electric wind-mills? Fresh breeze feels great. And it is even greater without iodine, cesium and other lethal stuff that every now and then, sooner or later, spills into the nature.

I am definitely a fun of GG. Never did I think of affiliate programs, but this time I do: to raise funds for some good cause - educational or cultural: a festival? a music band? - while spreading word about the GGs. Check them out.

Wishing you all plenty of fresh air.

Badiarov Violins

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