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5 May 2011

PRESS-RELEASE: New official distributor of Aquila Strings in The Netherlands

THE HAGUE, May 5th 2011 -- Badiarov Violins - studio for historically informed violin and bow-making - has become an official distributor of Aquila strings in The Netherlands. 
Aquila strings are hand-made from raw gut, produced according to the historical manufacturing process and historical standard meticulously studied, re-constructed and refined by Mimmo Peruffo, the creator of Aquila company, specialist and writer on the history of strings, as well as craftsman string-maker with skills from the realm of art rather than just craft. 

Aquila strings are among the most widely used on baroque and classical violins, violas, cellos, viole da gamba as well as
plucked instruments such as lutes, theorbos, guitars etc. Badiarov Violins have been an official distributor of Aquila strings in Belgium selling hundreds of strings each month to the baroque players across Europe, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Japan, as well as to almost all historical players residing in Belgium, members of La Petite Bande, Il Fondamento, Ricercar Consort, Les Agremens, Anima Aeterna. A lot of experimentation with historical stringing practices have been carried out in La Petite Bande with strings produced by Aquila. Return of the violoncello da spalla on the concert stage would not have been possible without Mimmo Peruffo, without whose strings the instrument would still be living in the domain of musicologists, historians and amateur fanatics of H.I.P. 

Mimmo Peruffo at work
making historical gut
strings, Vicenza,
I have had the chance of knowing Mimmo Peruffo since 1994, when I moved to Belgium from St.Petersburg and, influenced by Sigiswald Kuijken, undertook my research in historical violins: styles, setups, playing techniques, historical designing and manufacturing techniques, baroque acoustics. I was fascinated by Mimmo Peruffo's articles on strings. Soon after my settling in Brussels I went to Italy to meet him personally. After that our deep personal friendship has developed and it lasts to this day. 

Ever since, I have been visiting Italy every year and meeting Mimmo Peruffo has been often the only reason for the trip. Watching him making strings, talking to him about string-history and what this history meant to both music and music instruments have always been an exquisite treat. Without his expertise and the sheer volume of produced strings (gut string production have been recently quadrupled) H.I.P. would have been in a very place, and this is not to mention millions of strings for plucked instruments, shipped globally each year and the production is constantly growing. 

Baroque Violin by Dmitry Badiarov
I am amused by rumours spread by some string-makers and dealers and even musicians that Aquila strings are not produced by Aquila. This makes me laugh because nothing could be further from the truth. Not only Aquila is a very large producer, but Aquila also sets the standards in terms of faithful adherence to historicity and attention to minute detail, research, innovation, volume of production, guidance to both musicians and instrument-makers willing to research, revive and preserve the highest standards of baroque and classical music making, to preserve its culture. 

Aquila strings are now available from my shop Badiarov Violins in The Hague. Strings can be purchased directly at my studio, or ordered by mail and phone 06 1125 7695, 9:00 - 18:00 (GMT+1). At this moment our web-shop is in development and shall be opened soon. Credit cards and direct banking shall be offered as payment methods. Students and professionals welcome to my studio for string-testing and help with strings-choice. Students, as usual, get 50% discount for the service and today, the 4th of May, a member of Elisabeth Wallfish band was offered such a stringing assistance.

More info on historical strings can be downloaded from this blog, however, if you are not adept at historical stringing already, you might be confused by lots of unexpected information. You are welcome to visit my studio for assistance :)  


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