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7 May 2011

EmbarOquement immédiat: J.S.Bach Suites for shouldered violoncello, Dmitry Badiarov

Dmitry Badiarov shall perform Suites for Violoncello (da spalla) Solo nos.1, 2 and 3 at the 5th festival EmbarOquement immédiat in Sebourg, France. The concert takes place the coming Sunday, the 8th of May, at 11:00am, at Eglise St.Martin, a church built in the beginning of the 12th century.  

Luthier Dmitry Badiarov who re-constructed the violoncello da spalla is also a player himself. Apart from the reconstruction of the instrument he also reconstructed the technique of playing. He performed and recorded with La Petite Bande and Bach Collegium Japan. He recorded the Six Suites for Violoncello da spalla solo by J.S.Bach in 2009. The CD has been released in 2010 and received four awards: Diapason Decouverte (2010), German Critics Award (2011), Record Geijitsu Special Recommendation (2010) and Prelude Classical Music Award 2011.

Dmitry Badiarov's scientific article about the history of violoncello in J.S.Bach's context and about what it offers to both traditional cellists and the cellists alla moderna, that is da spalla (using B.Bismantova's words, 1697) can be downloaded here. A list of CDs on which the violoncello da spalla can be heard in various settings can be found here.

Sebourg, Eglise St.Martin, 8th of May (Sun), at 11:00. J.S.Bach, Suites for unaccompanied violoncello solo nos. 1, 2 and 3. Click on the Location link for driving directions. Festival page can be accessed by clicking on the above picture.

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