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21 April 2011

Violin no68

The Hague, 20 Apr 2011 - The violin no.68 was made to order for Ms Miwa Ogino of Japan and delivered about a month ago, just a couple of days before the earthquake. I travelled to Japan to deliver it, meet the client, see her reaction, answer her questions on the spot, give some advice. "Thank you for your violin", - wrote Ms Ogino a few days later, - "I'm playing  with pleasure, joyfully!" The day after the monstrous earthquake
shook Japan I returned to The Netherlands. Tokyo was almost as orderly as usual, except that it took 4 hours to get to the airport instead of the usual 37 minutes.

The first violin made after this model, no.33, was made for Maartje Geris of Belgium. Since then, over a dozen of violins were made around the same  mold. Among those are the violins for the Spanish baroque violinist Blai Justo, for the Japanese violinist Kaoru Ouchiyama and the South Korean SeungRok Baek, as well as the decorated violin for Ryo Terakado, concertmaster of La Petite Bande and professor of baroque violin at Toho University of  Tokyo and The Hague Royal Conservatoire.

The next violin, no.69, for Harumi Koike of Japan as well as the viola no.70 for Mr Mikio Tsunoda were also built after this same model and now both are being varnished at Badiarov Violins studio in the center of The Hague.

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lee said...

A nice story with such terrible recent events.