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20 April 2011

PRESS-RELEASE: Historically Informed Violin-Making & Bow-making Course at Badiarov Violins™ in The Hague

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THE HAGUE, 19th April 2011 -- Violin and bow-maker Dmitry Badiarov launched his course for Historically Informed Violin-making© in The Hague and gave the first hours of the 200 hours curriculum to his first student. The course Syllabus consists of historical documentation and
aesthetics, workshop procedures, safety and maintenance, historical setup and stringing, string-history, music theory and history in relation of these to the instruments of the violin-family, plus the basic playing techniques. Individual teacher-to-student course given to maximum of two students in a group. It takes place at Badiarov Violins™ studio in the centre of The Hague.

The Netherlands and Flanders was the birth cradle of the Historically Informed Performance movement since the second half of the 20th century and is still home to many a living legends: Gustav and Maria Leonhard, violin-maker Fred Lindeman, Sigiswald and Marleen Thiers, Frans Bruggen, Jaap Schröder,  Wieland and Barthold Kuijken, Jaap Ter Linded, Anner Bylsma and many, many others. Thus the Netherlands is naturally the ideal place for such a Course - the Historically Informed Violin-Making course. Historical bow-making course is also offered separately from the violin-making course.

Dmitry Badiarov's studio was founded in St.Petersburg in 1990. It was active in Brussels and Tokyo. In August 2010 he moved from Japan back to Europe, to The Hague, The Netherlands.  Badiarov Violins™ has also a seasonal studio in Queretaro, Mexico, situated in the convent of the Museo de la Ciudad de Queretaro. Dmitry Badiarov has taught violin-making at Daikanyama Academy of Music in Tokyo between 2007 and 2009 as well as he was a guest lecturer on History of Baroque Violin at The National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo between 2006 and 2009. He was also a core member of La Petite Bande among others since 1994.

More information about the studio and the Course for Historically Informed Violin-Making can be found via Badiarov Violins™ website.


PR Contact information:
Dmitry Badiarov
Mob. 06 1125 7695
Email: bv at badiarovviolins dot com

[Dutch translation available upon request]

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