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21 April 2011

Violin no68

The Hague, 20 Apr 2011 - The violin no.68 was made to order for Ms Miwa Ogino of Japan and delivered about a month ago, just a couple of days before the earthquake. I travelled to Japan to deliver it, meet the client, see her reaction, answer her questions on the spot, give some advice. "Thank you for your violin", - wrote Ms Ogino a few days later, - "I'm playing  with pleasure, joyfully!" The day after the monstrous earthquake

20 April 2011

PRESS-RELEASE: Historically Informed Violin-Making & Bow-making Course at Badiarov Violins™ in The Hague

For immediate release


THE HAGUE, 19th April 2011 -- Violin and bow-maker Dmitry Badiarov launched his course for Historically Informed Violin-making© in The Hague and gave the first hours of the 200 hours curriculum to his first student. The course Syllabus consists of historical documentation and