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22 February 2011

Free mini-lecture: Cello della Terra e del Cielo

THE HAGUE - Free mini-lecture: "Free mini-lecture: Cello della Terra e del Cielo", Sat 2nd of April, 2011 at 17:15 at Badiarov Violins™ studio in The Hague.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding on the part of traditional violoncellists in regard of
the violoncello da spalla re-created at my studio, that is, the shoulder-held baroque cello. The main problem is not their concern with historical evidence - because this can not be refuted - but purely aesthetic: it just does not fit into the modern idea of baroque violoncello. Well, it is in exactly the same manner everything less familiar must be inevitably refuted, however the offered here mini-lecture (with free drinks and life-music) shows what the new baroque violoncello has to offer to both the traditional cellists and the new-cellists da spalla. Obviously, one can not exist without another. This is historical fact, a musical fact, in fact.

Join us on Saturday 2nd of April 2011 at 17:15 at my studio. Space is very limited so I will appreciate you letting me know your attendance at my third mini-lecture: "Free mini-lecture: Cello della Terra e del Cielo ". Bring your big and huge cellos. We can not go ahead without these. The title of the lecture mean to say that one does not exist without another. Bring some violoncello scores too.


Photograph: Anton Ataulfo playing violoncello da spalla - cello del celo - made by me at my Mexico studio in July 2010. 

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