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22 February 2011

Free mini-lecture: "BAROQUE BOW: How Much of Outward Curvature?"

THE HAGUE -- Free, 1-hour mini-lecture for string players dedicated to a single but with multiple consequences an issue: "Baroque bow: how much of outward curvature?". It shall take place at my studio in The Hague on Sunday the 27th of February at 17:00 and on Sunday the 6th of March, at 17:00.

Someone recently asked me in a private message, "How much outward curvature should a baroque bow have?"
I would say, as much as one can handle but beware that what looks outward sometimes is simply straight. Iconography is fairly informative in this respect, as it seems more bows have survived in pictures than in real specimen.

Inward curvature contributes into more equalized sound and articulation which is maybe ideal for the modern style, but this is what you want to avoid in the Baroque style. Outward curvature is optimal for rhetorical music, that is, the style which was predominant till the French Revolution. Outward curvature is ideal for the "speaking style" of playing. It inspires more inequalities, more colours as well as more dynamics. These are achievable with the inward curve but they are not in the nature of the inwardly curved bows. Plenty of colours, dynamic and other contrasts, consonants, syllables and very fast changes of these is what you seek in a good baroque bow. This is what makes it Baroque. We shall also address the two fundamental systems - clip-in and screw - and discuss they aesthetic differences.

Completely free, short - only one hour - lecture-discussion of baroque bows shall take place at my studio in The Hague. Baroque players and modern players interested in Historically Informed Performance style are welcome. Please, bring your cellos, violas, violins and viols too. Some scores, perhaps, too so we can play together. Accompanied by drinks. I will appreciate if you let me know in advance about your participation.

This kind of mini-lectures shall be a new tradition at my studio as an addition to the traditional long workshops. Stay in tune for more information.


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