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16 February 2011

Critics award "Quarterly Best" for J.S.Bach, Violoncello da spalla Suites CD

February 15, Bonn - The Association of German Record Critics honors J.S.Bach Cello Suites double CD (Dmitry Badiarov - violoncello da spalla) released by Ramee (RAM1003) with the "German Record Critics' Award" as a Recording of Exceptional Artistry an selects it as one of the "Quarterly Best" of new Released for the First Quarter 2011.

This was really an unexpected award to receive as a luthier,
though, indeed I did my best to make a good demonstration of the resurrected type of baroque violoncello as a player.

The reconstructed type of baroque violoncello da spalla opens a new chapter in the story of baroque violoncello. It also inevitably reminds of C.P.E.Bach words, who wrote that his father knew perfectly the properties of each musical instrument. Indeed, J.S.Bach certainly knew the properties of the violoncello in his days. You can hear it reconstructed at my studio for Historically Informed Violin-Making© in The Hague on this CD, also awarded Diapason Decouverte in November 2010 and "The Record Geijutsu Special Recommendation" (Japan) in January 2011.

Happy listening!



ciaccona said...

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you!

Dmitry Badiarov said...

Thank you !