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22 February 2011

Free mini-lecture: Cello della Terra e del Cielo

THE HAGUE - Free mini-lecture: "Free mini-lecture: Cello della Terra e del Cielo", Sat 2nd of April, 2011 at 17:15 at Badiarov Violins™ studio in The Hague.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding on the part of traditional violoncellists in regard of

Free mini-lecture: "BAROQUE BOW: How Much of Outward Curvature?"

THE HAGUE -- Free, 1-hour mini-lecture for string players dedicated to a single but with multiple consequences an issue: "Baroque bow: how much of outward curvature?". It shall take place at my studio in The Hague on Sunday the 27th of February at 17:00 and on Sunday the 6th of March, at 17:00.

Someone recently asked me in a private message, "How much outward curvature should a baroque bow have?"

16 February 2011

Critics award "Quarterly Best" for J.S.Bach, Violoncello da spalla Suites CD

February 15, Bonn - The Association of German Record Critics honors J.S.Bach Cello Suites double CD (Dmitry Badiarov - violoncello da spalla) released by Ramee (RAM1003) with the "German Record Critics' Award" as a Recording of Exceptional Artistry an selects it as one of the "Quarterly Best" of new Released for the First Quarter 2011.

This was really an unexpected award to receive as a luthier,

4 February 2011

Paris -- Stolen Instruments by Dmitry Badiarov, an anonymous Italian baroque viola and several bows.

Following a burglary at Samantha Montgomery's home in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Paris) on the 31st of January, three instruments with four bows were stolen. They include:

1. a baroque viola (anonymous original, Italian 18thC) restored by Claire Ryder -in a black case, with a baroque viola bow by Daniel Latour and a gamba bow by Craig Ryder.
2. a violoncello da spalla (Dmitry Badiarov, 2003) in an aluminium case with brown leather cover , with a classical viola bow by Daniel Latour;
3. a baroque violin (Dmitry Badiarov, 1997/98?) in a blue case, with a baroque violin bow by Daniel Latour

I have not been able to locate pictures of the violin because some of my old backup CDs are no longer readable for technical reasons.

Pictures of the violoncello da spalla, labelled Dmitry Badiarov, 2004. N.B. Taken with a cheap pocket camera there is a pronounced close-up deformation, specially evident in the picture of the top of the instrument. Otherwise these pictures are sufficiently informative.