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18 January 2011

Violin-making: Teachers fear their Students but don't Quit Teaching Jobs

Violin-making students whom I met in the last two or three years in Italy, Japan and Mexico complained to me on their teachers "hiding too many secrets" from their students. I think this is true and I think this is sad.

16 January 2011

The difference between baroque and modern violins

This is a reply to a private message by a friend of mine Amin Pour Feizi.
I felt urged to re-post my response on my blog as well, specially because I had published my opinion some time ago in a video which I incidentally deleted from my youtube channel.

Here it goes:
"Thanks, Amin, I know the video and this kind of videos make me sad or even angry sometimes. You know well, Amin, that the difference is not in those few millimeters here and there. Let me ask, who would ever bother about baroque violin and the early music as a whole if the whole thing was about millimeters, necks, keys etc? The true and really huge but unmeasurable difference is

5 January 2011

J.SBach - Violoncello da Spalla solo Suites

Makes me happy to recall how the whole thing started and was done from a perfect zero, including even the playing technique. Makes me even more happy to see how it all evolves ever since. Thought you might enjoy this video with a track from my CD and photographs from my violin-making studio in The Hague, though many of the pictures were taken at my mexican studio in Queretaro and some in Brussels.
Dmitry B.