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20 December 2010

What did we do between 2000 and 2010?

I was making the planning for the next year when this suddenly occurred to me: we just celebrated 2000 and yet the 1st decade of the new century has already gone!

What was accomplished during the 1st 10 years? 
Here is a summary of what we did at Badiarov Violins - my Studio for Historically Informed Violin and Bow Making:

1. Development of the Badiarov baroque violin models based on surviving instruments and written historical documents, rather than - as it is the case with modern violin-making - copying of posters of fine violins. To these I added the understanding of various playing techniques and national styles, because these affected the violin setup and its changes until and beyond the French Revolution.

2. Defining of the style and philosophy of Historically Informed Violin Making and development of a stylistically appropriate craftsmanship. This was accomplished in collaboration with Ryo Terakado and Sigiswald Kuijken and the colleagues around me: a number of makers of other historical instruments and researchers such as Marco Tiella.

3. Development of fine(r) gut strings in collaboration with Mimmo Peruffo of Aquila Corde Armoniche S.a.S. This was accompanied by the gradual re-stringing of all violins in groups such as La Petite Bande thanks to the interest of the players in this experimentation.

4. Re-construction of the violoncello piccolo da spalla with Sigiswald Kuijken and re-construction of the first concert-quality spalla strings in collaboration with Mimmo Peruffo. Now there are several recordings by a number of musicians and at least two groups - La Petite Bande and Bach Collegium Japan. There is even a CD by a luthier - that is my own record of J.S.Bach 6 Suites for unaccompanied violoncello solo.

5. Development of Half-Rectified strings with Mimmo Peruffo was a by-product of working on the strings for the violoncello da spalla. 

6. Re-construction of an early-baroque set of germanic violins for La Petite Bande to perform a large pre-Bach repertoire. Accomplished with the support from La Petite Bande and Mr Harm Vellguth

7. Development of the Badiarov baroque and classical bow models based on Iconography and surviving examples. 

8. Publication of a number of articles on the matters of Historically Informed Violin and Bow Making in Italy, England and Japan.  

9. Teaching the principles of the Historically Informed Violin Making in Japan in 2007-2009, and teaching some aspects of it in Italy at Scuola di Artigianato Artistico di Pieve di Cento (FE/BO).

10. Building the Database of Violin Iconography in collaboration with Marco Tiella.

11. Creation of the website Badiarov Violins and of its social networks: T F and In 

12. The last, the above work have been noticed in a media such as reviews, newspapers and TV programs. I have not paid much attention to these, so the bits of newspapers must be collected and digitized, lost files recovered from dusty backup CDs and put on a Blogger page.

13. Almost forgot what I had to start with. I made some:
- 57-58 instruments (today making my 67th and 68th baroque violins. These instruments include:
- ten violoncellos da spalla
- several violas
- two viola d'amore
- four early-baroque violins in germanic style
- probably about a hundred or two hundreds of bows - these I never counted, there could be a lot more.
The number is a proof that something in the field of HIP-making, that is the above points 1 and 2, has been done right and that is my way and conviction and nothing in the world would turn me back to the modern way of making violins (or playing them).

14. Co-created "Baroque je t'aime Club" together with Culture International Club in Tokyo to promote HIP in Japan. With the primary focus on amateurs and children, organisation provided 24 monthly short concert-lectures in the last two years (ca.30min of performance, ca.30 minutes of talk and a reception party with the listeners) given by the most respected Japanese professionals in the field. The club has filled the plan for 2011 and beyond.

There is a lot to come in the next decade, may god bless us. The best way to keep in touch is to join one of BadiarovViolins social networks listed above. Particularly my FaceBook page is kept fairly updated because and some musicians prefer to contact me via FaceBook rather than by email or phone.

Wishing you all a brilliant 2011!


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