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30 December 2010

Tokyo -- 2011 January, The Record Geijutsu Special Recommendation of the J.S.Bach Cello da spalla Suites integral CD.

Tokyo -- 2011 January, The Record Geijutsu Special Recommendation

Tadashi Yamanouchi

"Fast passages [performed] with ease and [energy], and can be heard with clarity - which is the [distinctive] character of this instrument. The open strings have a rich airy character adding to the richness of the harmonics."

Jiro Hamada
"... Overflown with spirit, his quick-witted performance is motivated by freedom of creativity (based on his deep knowledge of Historically Informed Performance Practice). He puts the suites in their original order, giving each suite its distinct character and placing the entire album above criticism... This album should be payed attention to by everyone".

Tsutomu Nasuda
"He is not only luthier but also
a baroque violinist who often performed with Sigiswald and his orchestra La Petite Bande in concerts and CDs (for ex. the Seasons CD published by Accent)... Badiarov completed several such instruments for real performances in 2004. At present there are only three musicians in the world: Badiarov, Terakado and Kuijken who are professionally performing with this instrument. Of course, all of these instruments have been made by Badiarov...
As a rule, Badiarov's performance on the violoncello da spalla is passionate, emotional, impromptu,
and treating the natural flow of music with utmost care in all of the Cello Suites by J.S. Bach".

From myself I would like to add that recording session has been a very enjoyable experience thanks to the excellence of Rainer Arndt, the founder of the label, who guided me through the recording session of five days. So some say, the best leader is not the best person in the group, but the person who inspires the best in others. Rainer have certainly been such a person for me during the entire recording session and I would definitely want to record more with him and if the next time it would happen to be an orchestra, the whole orchestra would certainly be using Badiarov instruments.

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