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20 December 2010

Seasonal Greetings and Musicians' Money for Free

Here we are: at the end of the 1st decade of the 21st century!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011! Happy New Decade too!

Most of my readers are music lovers and amateur players, professional string-players, some are visual or other kind of artists and nearly all involved in HIP  aka "Early Music". So some say, EM died. Here you can look it up: Bruce Haynes! A thoroughly recommended reading!

EM perhaps died but HIP did not and the problems/opportunities which  the young and starting musicians will face will be the same. I've spoken to many of these musicians and got excited about their projects! The problem is that  some this must be solved with a help of many non-musicians, that is, professionals in other areas such as marketing and finance. I believe the rest of this message will be of practical value to these musicians with big plans.

1. Marketing Your Music Projects - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Music and Dance.
This page is available in a number of languages, and there is even an online marketing-coach specifically for musicians.

2. Once you completed the steps described above you will need some money. There are several organisations to rely on:

Funds in The Netherlands listed on the website of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Music and Dance. I copied some of the links just in case the page disappears in the future. Here they are:
Elise Mathilde Fund - purchase a professional quality concert instrument and other funding.
Fondsenboek - find an appropriate fund to finance your projects.
Triodos Bank - funding of culture and music projects or purchase of a professional concert instrument.

The above funds are active mainly in the Benelux area and The Netherlands. You might want to check similar funds and banks in your country.

The past success of Badiarov Violins - Studio for Historically Informed Violin and Bow Making depended on the success of musicians, and so, the future success will also depend on the musicians' success.

Wishing you lots of success in 2011!


P.S. By the way, here is what happened at Badiarov Violins in the first decade.

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