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20 November 2010

Stringing help - Historical String Gauges for Violins

Download and print this Stringing Chart (original size A3, printable on A4).

Information in this table come partly from Mimmo Peruffo's string history and manufacturing techniques research, partly from my own experience and research. Such is the explanation of Equal Tension VS Equal Feel in function with the bridge angles and downward pressure which is, in fact, Equal Feel. Remember, Equal Tension rarely results in Equal Pressure, therefor rarely results in Equal Feel.

The historical data in the table will perhaps work quite imperfectly on your violin. The reasons maybe your technique (these strings typically require slower bowing) or the specifics of your instrument or, the last but not least, the choice of a string-maker: strings made to the modern standards won't work.

Through your own experience this data will undoubtedly become your stringing intelligence indispensable in many projects. You are welcome to visit my studio in The Hague to fine-tune the setup of your instrument. Typically there is no charge for unsatisfactory work at Badiarov Violins. Thus to avoid the costs of unsatisfactory work I do the work well.

High res download link for printing. (For the low resolution click the poster)