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29 September 2008

Interview for Nihon Keizai newspaper, Japan.

Nihon Keizai newspaper dedicated an article to my way in violin-making: Historically Informed Violin-Making Practice. It is shares its philosophy and working principles with the Historically Informed Performance Practice, more widely known as Early Music.

3 July 2008

Bach Collegium Japan, vol.36

Here is a couple of reviews on my first CD with Bach Collegium Japan (volume 36).

25 May 2008

Ryo Terakado plays violoncello da spalla by Dmitry Badiarov

寺神戸亮の3年ぶりのDENONアリアーレ・シリーズへの新アルバムを、何の情報もなく手にした方は「おや?」と思うはずです。「バロック・ヴァイオリンのスペシャリスト寺神戸が、バッハのチェロ組曲を?」 そして、見慣れない楽器を持つ寺神戸の写真をみて、疑問は更に膨らみます。「・・・この見たことのない楽器は、いったい何!?」 未知なる物への、このわくわくする好奇心は、この楽器、ヴィオロンチェロ・ダ・スパッラを初めて見た寺神戸も同じであったに違いありません。さあ、チェロとバッハをめぐるミステリーの旅の始まりです。ご一緒に、音楽史上の「ミッシング・リンク」をたどる旅へ!次->

This article is available only in Japanese.

21 May 2008

Interview for Ongakunotomo: three violoncellos da spalla in Bach Collegium Japan

The interview shall be published in anticipation of the concert series and a recording by Bach Collegium Japan of the Six Brandenburg Concertos by J.S.Bach. All violoncello parts shall be played on violoncellos da spalla. For this occasion Bach Collegium Japan engages three players on violoncellos da spalla: Ryo Terakado, Francois Fernandez and myself. All three violoncellos da spalla have been made by me during the past three years.

More information on violoncello da spalla can be found in my Galpin Society Journal articles Vols 60 and 61 and on this blog.

19 May 2008

Bach, Brandenburg Concertos and Violoncello da spalla: a lecture in Fukuoka

18.05.2008 -  The lecture took place in a large conference room and was attended by some 280 people. Masaaki Suzuki gave a general introduction into western music, Bach's life and work and Brandenburg Concertos. I spoke about the general situation with stringed and bass instruments before and during Bach's lifetime. The talk was illustrated by the demonstration of paintings containing violoncellos da spalla, as well as by the performance of a Prelude from the cello suite No.6 and two movements from a Geminiani Sonata for violoncello and basso continuo. Another lecture if this kind shall take on the 11th of June in Kawasaki (Tokyo). The tickets on all five concerts are sold out.

6 May 2008

Mejiro Ba-Rock Festival in June 2008

I shall perform on the 2nd, 4th and 10th of June 2008 in Tokyo. Click on the picture for more information (oinly in Japanese)

Early Music Festival in Fukuoka 2008

Early Music Festival in Fukuoka is one of the oldest International Early Music festivals in Japan. This time the special guests are the brothers Kuijken.

I will join them as one of the three performers on violoncello da spalla. Click on the picture for more information (only in Japanese)

1 May 2008

New publication in Galpin Society Journal - violoncello da spalla in Italian pictures and music

Galpin Society Journal No.61 has published an addition to my previous article which appeared in volume no.60.
It includes some extra information which has not been included in the article in volume 60, as well as description of my experiments with violoncello da spalla of a much larger size, with the string length of 55- 67cm.

21 April 2008

Interview for The Record Geijutsu magazine

This interview is due to appear in The Record Geijutsu magazine, a magazine dedicated to the music and CD-market.
The editor was impressed by the performance of J.S.Bach Cello suites by Ryo Terakado. Consequently she was interested in knowing about the instrument more. The story covers the personalia involved in this project - Sigiwald Kuijken, Samantha Montgomery, Mimmo Peruffo, Lambert Smit, Ryo Terakado, Gregory Barnett and Brent Wissick as well as the short coverage about how I came to making such instruments.

16 April 2008

Marco Tiella in Tokyo

We met about 15 years ago when I still lived in St.Petersburg, Russia. At that time I was a member of the Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments in Oxford. Marco found me on the list of members and sent me a message requesting some information from St.Petersburg Museum of Music Instruments. The message was written in a flawless archaic Russian. Since then our personal friendship developed.

Marco created one of the most famous schools of violin making in the world: La Scuola Civica di Liuteria del Commune di Milano. He was one of the organizers of the school of violin repair and restoration near Ferrara, and one of the organizers of IROR - Istituto per la Ricerca Organologica e Restauro in Milan. He was a president of Triennale - the violin making competition in Cremona for some ten years. He is an author of countless publications, and an organizer of competitions, symposiums in Italy and worldwide.

Photographed at my studio in Tokyo, 10.04.2008.